#PanzerDox update: Panzer Street Wear owner Kimberly West’s Hitler House & new personal life details

Deepest appreciation for all the help and support from the tipsters & researchers, from now + back & all the regular folks pissed about a Nazi next door. 

Welcome back to #PanzerDox, where we continue to dissect the network of a white-power clothing company and its supporters. #PanzerDox is a collaboration between Colorado Springs Antifascists, Utah 161, Panic! in the Discord, and Corvallis Against Fascism.

Who could forget Kimberly Louise West aka Kimberly Westfall aka Gretyl Grimm aka Kim McGeary aka Kim Copenhaver, the proprietress of neo-nazi Panzer Street Wear, which was deplatformed following our series debut article. We’re pleased to announce that we have more information to share, including the location of her Hitler home and other personal details.

As a reminder, take a gander at her hawking her white-power merchandise on her now-defunct store. Facebook and web-hoster Ecwid removed her neo-Nazi imagery and products.

Kim West’s tired face of hate has been kicking around the white power skinhead scene since at least 2013, when she was outed by Southside ARA in Chicago for her leadership in the Indianapolis-area Creeps Social Club. Creeps Social Club was originally a crew allied with Vinlanders Social Club, the white power skinhead/biker gang led by Brien James before he created American Guard, which our PanzerDox series explored just the other day! Born in December 1976, Kim has been a fixture in the white power scene for a long time:

And then Kim was outed by comrades Philly Antifa’s massive dossier about the Keystone State Skinheads aka Keystone United:


From the ADL’s description of Keystone as a white nationalist skinhead and skinhead-adjacent organization:

Continued from the ADL article, “Over the years, KSS/KU has been aligned with, and on occasion held events with, a number of different white supremacist groups, including the Blood & Honour Social Club, Vinlanders Social ClubAtlantic City Skinheads, Maryland Skinheads, Be Active Front and Traditionalist Workers Party.”

There are also rumors that before the Southside ARA dossier, Kim sold out the White Aryan Resistance, making off with $50,000 that was either from the Creeps Social Club treasury, or from flipping sides to work with the FBI then taking the reward money. Whatever happened, the story is that Kim West caused a split with White Aryan Resistance, Vinlanders Social Club/American Guard, and Creeps Social Club. If anyone has confirmation, please reach out!

Kim’s a die-hard white supremacist, though, and as we illustrated in our previous article, she takes her work home with her:

But where is this awful shrine to fascism? Indiana, of course! Remember that also in our previous article, we were able to connect Kim’s Panzer Street Wear Facebook URL, “Uber Frau,” to the license plate of her Ford Flex – also “UBR FRAU” – but we didn’t know where it was parked.

As tips poured in about Kim West’s past involvements, her most recent ex-husband’s name came up, and with a little bit of  DuckDuckGo internet searching we were finally able to connect all the dots.

First, we have the court case between Kim, her brother Travis and Kim’s estranged husband Paul McGeary:

Then using some real-life magic to manifest and analyze tax records, we were finally able to confirm Kim’s Hitler House address, owner’s name, structure age, layout and, most importantly, its garage:

A side-by-side-by-side comparison of Kim’s car picture from Facebook, the garage associated with the address and finally, a standalone of the garage itself.

Then thanks to Comrade Realtor.Com, we were able to peek inside Travis’s Market Street house:

And further, we were able to compare the photos that Kim posted to the ones on the publicly available home purchasing site:

Same fireplace. And please note that Kim posted the pic of the child, opting to censor the swastika curtains, while we covered her child’s face.

Same staircase in both photos above.

Same woodwork, door, and window coverings from Kim’s Facebook postings as Realtor.com. Case closed! To date, we have been unable to determine whether Travis West knew about Kim’s beliefs, business, fascism shrine or anything else but would appreciate any insight.

The intelligence work on Kim was particularly difficult because she wiped herself from most databases following the split with Vinlanders. However, following a ton of boring reading from numerous court cases over Kim and her husbands’ failures to pay creditors and eventual bankruptcy, we were able to find Kim due to her use of her married name “McGeary” as a secondary alias when the bankruptcy discharged. Do note that we have been unable to determine any new information about Paul McGeary other than the homes he shared with Kim. 

This led us down the rabbit hole to her first family with Kevin Copenhaver. He was surmised to be involved in the white power scene with Kim, as evidenced by the email address connected to him, “Valhallarama@yahoo.” However, beyond that email address (which we acknowledge could have been created by anyone), we have not seen any further evidence of Kevin’s involvement with white nationalism. Regarding the email address, Valhalla is a reference to the Odinist religion which has been taken over by white nationalists bent on creating a race war, including but definitely not limited to mass murderer Anders Breivik, who went on a shooting rampage at a summer camp in Sweden in 2011. 

A sister organization to the Odinist religion is Asatru Folk Assembly, which is also rooted in Norse mythology and also currently taken over by fascists and neo-nazis. From Vice: “[Odinists] claim they are opposed to racism, but they define racism very differently from the average person,” according to Joshua Rood, an expert on Old Norse Religion. “They say, ‘We’re not racist. We just believe in keeping ethnicity separate.’ Which… it’s racist.”

Due to the publishing requirements of this platform, we can’t directly share personal information like phone numbers and home addresses unless they’re from a publicly available website. However, you can view that redacted personal information about Kim, Travis, and Paul here, on a separate website: https://pastebin.com/D3y5Nnzi and also here https://postimg.cc/7fSJ8KGv

We also hope that by sharing Kim and Travis West’s address that their neighbors realize that a Hitler-worshipping neo-Nazi who’s held membership and leadership in multiple white supremacist organizations is selling white power merchandise off of her kitchen table. We encourage local anti-fascists to put up posters to alert neighbors and community members, especially people of color, that organized white nationalists linked to murder and violent attacks live in the area.

If you have any additional tips about Kimberly or other fascists in Indiana & elsewhere, please send them to panicinthediscord@riseup.net or DM them to @discord__panic on Twitter