Matthew Louis Hovey, white power clothing company Panzer Street Wear supporter, manager at Denmark Outdoors & contractor with PC Kiss Painting in Jacksonville, FL

This article is part of the #PanzerDox series, exposing the customers and owners of the Neo-Nazi clothing company Panzer Street Wear. #PanzerDox is a collaboration between Colorado Springs Antifascists, Utah 161, Panic! in the Discord, and Corvallis Against Fascism.

Before reading this, please check out the first article in the series for context.

Panzer Street Wear is a company that sells Nazi-themed merchandise. Kimberly West and Cody Reynolds don’t even try to hide it. Here are some examples of their products from before their store got booted from Ecwid and Big Cartel hosting platforms.

Since Cody, Kimberly, or maybe Trashabilly emailed us the Panzer Street Wear customer list in order for us to leave them alone, (LOL! yeah right) we are pleased to reveal Matthew Louis Hovey as a white power merchandise customer and fascist in the Jacksonville, FL area. 

Matt was born in September 1985, making him 34 years old as of July 2020. And since June of 2008, he’s been married to Melissa Grace Catron, born in August 1981 (age 38), also of Jacksonville, FL. As we unravel Matt’s beliefs, it becomes clear that Melissa is complicit, if not supportive, of her husband’s views.

From the jump, we notice that Matt has two Facebook pages. His Matt Hovey page (archived here) is a run-of-the-mill, right wing, pro-Trump reactionary; the other is his explicitly racist white-power page, not-so-cleverly titled “Ttam Yevoh” (archived here).

Haha just kidding. His public-facing Facebook page is chock-full of white power dog whistles too:

Links to the above images, which we’ve pulled from Matt’s Facebook and archived:

  • Kitler pic here
  • Southern pride flag here
  • His anti-anti-fascism pic here

Now moving on to Matt’s “secret” Facebook page, which is just his real name spelled backwards. Oftentimes, white nationalists will have a fake or “alt” account in order to showcase their views without having to worry about backlash from people who are have not taken the “red pill,” i.e., started believing in racist, misogynist, transphobic, xenophobic, and/or homophobic ideology. “Ttam’s” alt account is rife with his white power friends and even more explicit racism and violence:



Do note that in the above archived photo of  “Ttam” outdoors with the gun, a certain JD Williamson, one of his Facebook friends, is commenting using some casual hate speech. And just who is JD Williamson? Our #PanzerDox series revealed JD to be an old white power skinhead who occasionally plays in crappy oi! bands and runs a cabinetry business in Nebraska without a license. JD also does some modeling for clothing companies Panzer Street Wear and Our Fight Clothing Company, whose merchandise promotes and supports white nationalist, fascist, and neo-Nazi groups.

Back to “Ttam” and his white nationalist proclivities:

That’s him mocking black this black person, which follows a long, historical line of racists making fun of how people of color look.

And here he is proclaiming his hatred of anti-fascists:

Matt being against anti-fascists is telling. If one is opposed to someone who is against fascism, that makes the original person a supporter of fascism. In other words, if you’re anti-anti-fascists, that means you’re pro-fascism. And based on Matt/Ttam’s pics, it looks like he’s another old white power skinhead who hasn’t shaken off those ideas.

Here’s what the ADL has to say about people who are anti-antifa:

And finally, just in case it’s not abundantly clear that Matt/Ttam are the same person, this brain genius used the exact same photo as his profile pic on two different pages:

annnnnnd Matt is friends with his wife’s and his own Facebook pages on his “Ttam” alt page:

Here are the archived links of his “Ttam” pics:

Wait, one more pic from Matt’s other Facebook page, which really ties together his connections to white nationalism, and which we have archived here:

What is it? It’s a symbol of the German Vehmgericht or “punishment court.” That symbol of the Vehmic Courts, which existed in the northwestern region of Germany from the Middle Ages to the 19th Century. These secretive groups of quasi-vigilante judges had the power to sentence people to death, usually by lynching. In an especially ironic twist given that fascists hate Communists and leftists, in an 1856 lecture, philosopher Karl Marx used the Vehmic Courts as a metaphor to describe his predictions of the working-class revolution that would sweep Europe. Also, according to the LA Times, Hitler’s use of the swastika was based on the mistaken notion that the swastika had been used by the Vehmic Courts.

Not-so-coincidentally, it’s the same deep cut of Hitlerism that the Panzer Street Wear company logo uses:

In case you forgot, we recently revealed that white power merchandise company PSW was run out of Kimberly Louise West’s Hitler-themed home in Crawfordsville, IN.

Speaking of homes, Matt Hovey plays basement shows for a punk band that uses a confederate flag as their logo. We’d link to them, but don’t we don’t want to give them any free publicity. Take our word for it, they’ll always be openers, never headliners, but they do have a Facebook community page. We’ll explain how Matt’s band is connected to another band, A Killing Tradition, who are on the label of United Riot Records. United Riot Records is a company who’s long been on anti-fascists’ radar for their role producing and selling music for alleged pro-Nazi and skinhead bands and hosting fundraisers for other white supremacists, as originally described here by NYC Antifa. The connection? Matt broke his leg playing at A Killing Tradition’s January 2019 show, as was explained on the United Riot blogspot:

And here’s Matt’s broken leg, from his archived Facebook page:


Just like Matt, the Facebook page for his crappy band doesn’t like black folks:

When Matt isn’t scrambling to play in some dingy basement, afraid of being shut down by people who don’t appreciate racism and misogyny, what is he doing with his time?

One of his Facebook accounts says that he works as a carpenter at Rogero Roofing and Construction. Funnily enough, Rogero Roofing got busted for stealing people’s insurance money and not doing the work.  A local media team had to step in to shame them into doing the job they had already been paid for:

After that, Rogero is an internet ghost, maybe closing down because of their sketchy business practices. We’re able to trace Matt to one of his current jobs via his LinkedIn, archived here. He works at Denmark Outdoors as Operations Manager.

Denmark Outdoors is a landscaping and lawn service owned by Thomas and Heather Denmark. And it is a cash cow, according to a Dunn and Bradstreet report:

Digging a little deeper, we learned that Heather and Thomas also own Legends of Denmark, which is their English Bulldog breeding business that we can only assume white power supporter Matt Hovey is involved in, also. Wondering if Thomas and Heather Denmark share Matt’s racist values? You can ask them on their shared Facebook page and their Legends of Denmark page

Matt also works for Paul Charles Kiss at P C Kiss Painting LLC, which is located at 22 1/2 Hope Street in Saint Augustine, FL 32084.


Matt’s boss, Paul, can be reached on his Facebook account.

Last but not least, we’d like to point out that Matt has two steel toe cap Doc Marten combat boots, a favorite of skinheads, tattooed on his face.

So what do we do now, but hold him accountable! Grab your burner email, boot up your VPN, and update all Matt’s bosses (through their publicly-available emails, of course) about what a white power nationalist he is! Feel free to send them this article, making sure to ask them if Matt’s beliefs, as posted on his social media, reflect their company values and whether their clients are aware of his hatred of black people, women, Black Lives Matter, and people working to stop fascism. Here you go:

  • Thomas and Heather Denmark, of Denmark Outdoors and Legends of Denmark:
    • Facebook
  • Paul Kiss, of P C Kiss Painting LLC:
    • (610) 721-2129

Due to the publishing requirements of this platform, we can’t directly share personal information like phone numbers and home addresses unless they’re from a publicly available website, which is why we’re able to share the info of those business owners above. However, you can view redacted personal information about Matthew Louis and Melissa Grace Hovey on this separate website.

And keep your eyes peeled for the next installment of #PanzerDox, where, with a little bit of help, we systematically lay bare the network of white power clothing companies and their owners, customers, and supporters. Deepest appreciation for the comrades who helped make this happen! As we all know, we keep us safe and teamwork makes the fash hurt!

If you have any additional tips about Matt, Panzer Street Wear or other fascists in Florida or elsewhere, please send them to or DM them to @discord__panic on Twitter.