Kimberly West’s White Power Party on Lake Vermilion in Danville IL at 5pm on 8/8/2020

This article is part of the #PanzerDox series, exposing the customers, promoters, and owners of the Neo-Nazi clothing company Panzer Street Wear. #PanzerDox is a collaboration between Colorado Springs AntifascistsUtah 161Panic! in the Discord, and Corvallis Against Fascism.

Before reading, please check out the first article in the series for context.

Panzer Street Wear is a company that sells overtly Nazi shit. Kimberly Louise West and Cody Monroe Reynolds don’t even try to hide it. Here are some examples of their products, which we have archived. The screenshots are from before they were deplatformed from their hosting company, their online store, Facebook, and PayPal. If you see their white power wares anywhere else, let us know!

After Panzer Street Wear was removed from its platforms for hate speech, Kimberly Louise West aka Kimberly Westfall aka Gretyl Grimm aka Kim McGeary aka Kim Copenhaver and her business partner Cody Reynolds changed the store’s Instagram handle to to avoid losing her ~500 followers.

In what appears to be a desperate bid to make money after getting their stores shut down, Kimberly, Cody, and Panzer Street Wear are hosting a party on August 8, 2020 on Lake Vermilion in Danville, IL:

And since the county park is the only place to launch a boat on Lake Vermilion, common sense tells us they’ll be at the Lake Vermilion County Park:

There’s a long history of neo-Nazis hiding behind the First Amendment by booking accommodations at public facilities, like county parks. Even under intense public pressure, the parks cannot deny a permit to nazis, as we’ve seen with white supremacist online publication AmRen, in this archived article.


Do note that Kimberly and Cody are having their party on 8/8, which is nazi code for “Heil Hitler,” as H is the eighth letter of the alphabet. Don’t believe us? Check out the ADL’s deep dive:


Readers may remember Kim West from her Hitler-themed home decorating when she lived at her brother’s place in Crawfordsville, IN:

For a deeper dive into Kim’s messy personal life and related white power gossip, please see our update.

We wonder if any of PSW’s customers, promoters, and so-called white power friends will be out at Lake Vermilion. All of these people have been outed in the course of our #PanzerDox series:



We were able to confirm Kim’s phone number, so give her a call about this weekend, making sure to use a burner or *67 so you don’t self-dox. Due to the publishing requirements of this platform, we can’t directly share personal information like phone numbers and home addresses. However, you can view that redacted information here, on a separate website.

Action items:

  • Listen for any fash chatter about Lake Vermilion in Danville, IL.
  • If you happen to be there, take pics of attendees and their cars so we may research them and out them to the world, especially their families, friends, and employers.
  • Make the white power Lake Vermilion partiers feel unwelcome.
  • Tell us if a counter-demonstration is organized!
  • Share this article far and wide.

Finally, we tried to find information on the Bully Girls, the Rock Against Communism (RAC) band from Chicago giving Oi! a bad name, who will be playing at Kim’s white power lake party. Unfortunately, Bully Girls do not appear to have an internet presence at all. Any tips on them would be appreciated. For the blissfully unaware, Rock Against Communism is a subgenre of punk/Oi! music, started decades ago in the 90s at white power music festivals, that has evolved into generally racist, white power music.

Deepest appreciation for the comrades and tipsters who helped make this research possible. As we all know, we keep us safe.

If you have any additional tips about Cody, Kimberly or other fascists in Illinois or elsewhere, please send them to or DM them to @discord__panic on Twitter